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Samsung doesn’t like Windows 8

Samsung doesn’t like Windows 8 – They see Windows 8 as the culprit for
stagnating PC-sales in the last months. They also see Windows 8 on the
same level as Windows Vista which was also not THAT successful. And
who can blame them for saying, users don’t like tiles on a desktop?

Even I am concerned about Windows 8 on classic desktops. Sure, Windows 8 HAS a desktop mode, that’s for sure, but it is not always active. Whenever you switch back from an application, you’re back with your tiles. On a tablet, the tile surface might have it’s charme but on a classic computer where you have a keyboard and mouse instead (and no touchscreen), the tiles are more hindering the usability.

That’s why Windows 7 is still one of the most-preferred OSses for desktops. Let’s hope, Microsoft won’t change that either.

And while Samsung is complaining about Windows 8, Microsoft seems to have plans to release Windows 9 (Windows Blue) at the end of 2014.

If I was unfair, I’d say: Same shit, new color. But never judge an OS before it has been released. Windows 7 has been also criticized to be the successor of Vista but Seven had a great impact on computers and it still has. The OS is stable and capable interacting with virtually any device on the market.

So Microsoft should take a look back and remember the quote: “Never change a running system!”

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