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game streaming and eInk displays

It is well-known that eReaders with eInk displays
today are as flexible as tablet pcs when it comes
to apps and all the stuff they come with. What
hasn’t changed though, is the eInk display…

Because the display still isn’t fast enough to allow video playback for instance nor is it made for such things.

Another team however checked out if it is (theoretically) possible to play a game using Stadia. And guess what, yes, it’s possible. But errrr… with a mediocre framerate of 5fps, a First-Person-Shoot like PUBG or Fortnite is simply a call for being the bait for getting killed over and over again.

Practically every game that relies on fast frame rates won’t make any sense on such an eInk display.

But other than that we must admit that the attempt running such a game on a sluggish display like that is indeed remarkable.

Who knows… maybe some time eInk displays might switch faster and reach display rates of 20fps which make some games playable even on an eReader…

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