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24ct-Gold-plated keyboard

Now personally we’d say, we’ve seen it all. But a
gold-plated keyboard? Well, that new to us even
knowing those fancy smartphones that come
covered in gold and cost as much as a house.

It seems that at the CES there was a customer who had a very deep wallet and just thought that all those dollars were too heavy. So why not ask a manufacturer to make a gold-plated keyboard?

At ADATA the team seemd baffled at first but then thought “Why not?” – The customer wants it, we build it (as long as the dollars come in!)

So while the keyboard was usually supposed to be a unique piece, ADATA built 6 more to be sold for 10’000 US$ each.

So if you have some dollars you’re not going to use as a cigar lighter, then go for it:

Sick stuff, yes… but hey, there are gold-plated toilets, gold-plated steaks, gold-plated chocolate, gold-plated sushi, gold-plated toilet paper (yep, you read right!)…

Once again this proves how versatile gold can be. But honestly… a gold-plated toilet paper? Only if you think “I shit on gold which becomes literally here as well as with the gold-plated toilet…

What an awkward world we live in…

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