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Cherry goes inexpensive RGB

Cherry is well known for producing high-quality
keyboards and key switches. As gaming gets more
and more important for the keyboard industry the
demand for these and the key switches have raised.

But not everyone is willing to spend more than 100-150 US$ for a keyboard. Yet the demand for reliable mechanical switches is given.

The Cherry Viola Switches seem to make less-expensive semi-mechanical keyboards possible. And as a nice bonus, these switches also come with RGB lighting options. As rubberdome and membrane keyboards aren’t optimal for high-speed or high-endurance gaming, these switches could change the whole situation, even make rubberdome keyboards almost obsolete (if it wasn’t for their low low price!).

Combining the feeling of a solid mechanical switch and the possibility to use RGB lighting, make these switches predestined for inexpensive gaming keyboards especially having those in mind who cannot afford to shell out over 100 US$ for a keyboard.

With the new Viola switches, Cherry could become a gamechanger on the global keyboard market although Cherry is widespread when it comes toOEM keyboards with their switches equipped.

We’re looking forward to see what Cherry is going to release soon (or one of their OEM partners using the switches.)

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