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Chrome extends updates for W7

While Windows 7 will soon receive no more updates
(January 14th, 2020), Google has announced yesterday
that they will deliver updates for Chrome browser at
least for the next upcoming18 months.

This means that users can use their Windows 7 installation with a safe browser for at least another 18 months so that they have to upgrade their computers in mid 2021.

Nothing similar is known from Mozilla foundation and Firefox but they’d better do likewise in order not to loose more users to Google.

The IE however will be stuck on IE11 for Windows 7 as there’s no upgrade planned at all. And even the new Edge browser which is based upon the Chromium browser engine won’t be unrolled on Windows 7. At least there are no known plans from Microsoft to provide a software package that will be compatible with Windows 7.

It’s a matter of time how long fans of Windows 7 will keep their Windows installation up until they update to Windows 10. But one day they will have to.

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