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DRM kicks in and you’re screwed!

DRM is omnipresent when it comes to movies, games
or other media that has to be protected against unwan-
ted copying or republishing. But what happens if you
have bought a movie of which the DRM is no longer?

Said scenario happened with Disney who has published a lot of games and media using SecuROM. Now SecuROM is no classic DRM protection that is bought once and that’s it, no, SecuROM is a monthly-payment-based service.

Disney has stopped it’s payments to said company distributing SecuROM. The result was instantly visible:

A user has bought TRON: Evolution for the PC and did not instantly install the game and activate it. When he finally had time to activate the game, the activation server instantly refused to validate his copy of the game as legit.

So he opened a trouble ticket with Disney stating that he was unable to activate his legally bought copy of the game.

Funny fact is that SecuROM stated that it’s Disney’s fault to still sell games using SecuROM knowing that the copy protection (or call it DRM) will definitely not work nor allow activation of the game. Disney stated that they’re going to release a no-SecuROM patch in the future but it’s unclear when this is going to happen. So while the “tainted” version is still obtainable, you should think twice if you’re going to support DRM content that ceases to function after a certain time especially when publisher and DRM solution provider point to each other for a solution to find for the (understandably) pissed customer.

While game studios hate crackers for having their games cracked and seeking for solutions to get the game uncrackable (Denuvo for instance), the customer just wants one thing: Play or use what he legally paid for.

We can understand people trying to find NoCD or noDRM cracks for their (older) games or completely seek shelter at GOG (Good old Games) where games of older times are already modified in a way no longer requiring online activation or online check to be played.

For those who are interested in Good Old Games:

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