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Panasonic prone to call hijacks

Owner of a Panasonic DECT phone? Then you should
be aware of this: A secret code allows resetting the
system base PIN and allow the connection of a new
mobile handset that itself can be used for auditing.

The Conference function, a comfort function that can be activated from every mobile handset connected to the same system base allows third-party persons to hook into calls of two persons without notification.

However this seems not to affect every model of the Panasonic phone series.

Some models require you to enter the system base PIN and when trying to hook into a running phone call, the call owner has to agree to the hook-in of the third person.

Interesting fact is that Panasonic indeed has a Privacy function that aloows to disable hooking into calls easily. However if someone has access to the system base, he can disable that function as well as setting a new system base PIN.

Affected models are:

  • KX-TGC210
  • KX-TGC22x
  • KX-TGE210
  • KX-TGE22x
  • KX-TGH710
  • KX-TGH72x
  • KX-TGJ310
  • KX-TGJ32x
  • KX-TGK310
  • KX-TGK32x
  • KX-TG681x
  • KX-TG682x
  • KX-TG6881
  • KX-TG6891
  • KX-TG805x
  • KX-TG806x
  • KX-PRS1x0
  • KX-PRW130

This is nearly all of the phone sets sold in the last three years.

Models that are safer against secret phone call audition: KX-TGE510 and KX-TGE52x

Most models are sold on the EU market but they might have appeared on the USA market as well.

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