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Xerox plans hostile takeover of HP

A “no” seems to be something Xerox won’t accept.
After the denial of HP to agree to the takeover offer
Xerox made few weeks ago, Xerox now intends to get
in touch with the HP shareholders directly.

Xerox attempts to convince the HP shareholders to agree to the deal with Xerox. Xerox is strongly interested to lay hands on HP to acquire modern technology in Printing and data processing. Xerox however was unable to convince the Administrative Board of HP let alone that HP denied access to their fiscal reports to allow Xerox a better estimation of the offer.

Last offer was 33 billion US$ which means a value of 22 US$ per HP share.

With the denial of the fiscal report view and the offer to buy HP shares for the given value, Xerox publicly stated that it will consider a hostile takeover and contact the shareholders directly with an offer while HP itself sees the $22 offer too low and a bad deal for the shareholders.

Interesting fact is that Xerox is way smaller than HP yet plans to take over HP. Speculation is that loans will be taken to fund the takeover in parts then pay back the loans with the money gained from cost reduction programs Xerox will set up in order to get into the green again.

We doubt that HP will see that deal in a good way and most likely the shareholders will do likewise and deny the hostile takeover.

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