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Intel EMIB oficially announced

Intel has recently shown a close-shot of their EMIB,
a part of processor-interconnection between multiple
dies. A tiny little pice of circuit plate, but important!
Hence EMIB = Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge

This part interconnects multiple dies inside a CPU package to have, let’s say GPU and CPU speak together. Although this is nothing more than a rice-corn-sized piece of silicon, it still can handle tremendous amounts of data per second (we speak of gigabytes!).

Intel’s Ponte Vecchio processor, a general-purpose GPU the company unveiled on November 17th, contains EMIB silicon to allow fast data streams between the GPU and memory. The EMIB boosts speeds up to 80% compared to the former design, where an Interposer is used. An Interposer is something similar to the EMIB but all the components reside on one single circuit board and then communicating together. It can be imagined as miniature-sized breadboard.

And this is what an EMIB looks like in a close shot (click to enlarge):

Intel’s embedded multi-die interconnect bridge (EMIB) technology helps multiple chips – CPU, graphics, memory, IO and more — communicate. EMIB is a complex multi-layered sliver of silicon no bigger than a grain of Basmati rice that moves large quantities of data among adjoining chips. (Credit: Walden Kirsch/Intel Corporation)


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