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The break’s over!

We know you have all been anxiously waiting to
hear why the blog was offline for a certain time now.
The trouble started with too much file usage and
ended with the blog partly beind rendered unusable!

So back to the drawing board for us and trying to find out how to improve the usage experiance for you a little. We also took out the sweeper and dusted of some old stuff.

However this is all just the beginning and few things will have to be done again to make this blog frisky and fresh again just the way you used to know. It also means that some stuff will probably get deleted or backed up in another fashion… We still don’t have a direct clue how to put back the usage of dataspace back to a healthy dose. the media files alone take a whopping 140GB of the 250GB plan we have.

That means we either have to find a way to increase the available amount or switching to a new monthly plan at all. However this would also mean that this blog might finally consider showing ads as the next tier upgrade means 200% raise in costs. too much for a leisure project that is non-profit!

Anyway… we’re now starting to find ways to keep this blog ad-free and still be able to deliver media content to you without having the data usage extended over the top!

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