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Microsoft going to get Skype?

It seems Microsoft is in need of a VoIP and Web-telephony specialist. The
purchase attempt of Microsoft to acquire Skype gives much to speculate as
Microsoft itself has a network-based telephony service called Lync (which I
was able to see in action also as it is being tested in our company.)

So what is Lync and Why does Microsoft then want to acquire Skype? Don’t they trust in their technology anymore or are they going to put Lync into the enterprise sector while Skype is the next-Gen telephony service for the wide public mass. Well, there’s much to speculate about but in Times where IT telephony gets a much more important topic in all areas it is only understandable that Microsoft is looking for an opportunity to set foot in that market segment as well. It will be interesting if Apple will then still offer the Skype App on it’s iPhone. Skype can be seen as direct competitor to FaceTime and probably decrease the revenue in the mobile transmission cost sector for cell network calls. I like the idea of falling costs for regular cell calls anyways. A healthy competition isn’t bad, in my opinion!So let’s see what the next months will bring up, should Microsoft’s deal with Skype come to a successful end!

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