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App-Check: TimeLapse

Today I checked out another app on my iPhone. The App, called TimeLapse, is
able to do timelapse-picture-based movies. As I had no actual idea what to
image out and have it rendered to a timelapse movie, I today thought, hey, why
not line-up a sunset movie from home. So I put my iPhone on a safe stand.

Placed the whole thing to the window and hooked the iPhone to the power adapter as I thought, the process will take lots of CPU power and eat up your accu very quickly.

So I set up a new Timelapse project, taking 720 pictures with a 10 seconds distance (which equals 7200 seconds).

So… all set up, the iPhone then took all the 720 pics and I had all the pix rendered into a movie which went quite fast!

Using a 15fps baseline, a 48 seconds movie is the result:

At the time where I downloaded the App, it was free of charge for a short promotion time. Now it is available for 2 CHF (1.99 US$)

It is an interesting toy and the programmer’s site links to many more of such TimeLapse videos. So watch for yourself to find out what you can do with it.

I rated the App 4 of 5 Stars, Why only 4 stars, you ask? Because the handling can sometimes be a bit icky and incoming calls and SMS disrupt the picture-collecting entirely! So you better put your iPhone into Flight Mode to have an undisturbed and flawless picture set!

Get the App from AppStore – TimeLapse ★★★★☆

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