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Google Chrome 13 with Pre-Rendering

Google is about to code the next major version of its famous browser. A new
feature of it’s website redering engine is “Pre-Rendering”. But what does it mean?
Google describes it as following:  “The browser keeps rendering pages in the
background as it thinks the user might view it as next browsing target”

In other words: The Browser might be able to predict your browsing behaviour. Or is it just a hidden message to say you: “We know verything about you and your behaviour.

I think, the usage of evidence killers for browsers such as cookie cleaner, history cleaner etc. might become more important by time. Why on earth is this being praised as a useful feature?

Todays browsers are rendering pages very quick by now. You can’t finish reading as the browser has already loaded the page and a prediction feature might only raise traffic unnecessarily.

By now I am using Firefox 4, which is also marked as “outdated as it’s decessor, Firefox 5, is already on the go and th mozilla foundation has already started coding on Firefox 6 and brought out a preview on Firefox 7.

My question will be: Will MSIE 9 become outdated within 1 year as the competitors start bringing out major releases of their browsers each quarter?

decide for yourself. I haven’t used Google Chrome on my computer yet. The only device I am using it on, is my android-powered tablet…

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