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AMD Vision Engine Control Center

AMD has a nice driver structure. The driver installs fine on a clean system and
provides you with a lot of controls over your graphics hardware. But once you
start updating your graphics driver (as the Control Center tells you to do) upon
notification, you may run into deep trouble. Happened to me again just today…

Now one should say, it’s just a one-time coincidence that the driver update seems to run well yet disabling the AMD Vision Engine Control Center. It just doesn’t launch anymore. The process MOM.exe launches and closes this minute when you start it up. Annoying and frustrating at the same time. And the worst of all: A simple deinstallation, reboot and installation of the new driver doesn’t help out here. You have to run 3rd party programs to entirely sweep the driver bits away and install the new driver from scratch.

This is indeed annoying as this happens since Version 11.4 of the CCC (Catalyst Control Center)

Why is it so difficult for AMD to bring out a comfortable update function that updates the driver just plain and simple. At NVidia, this works flawlessy. Just did so with my notebook and never had any trouble doing so (actually running ForceWare 304.65).

Another fact is that the installer boggles you with irritating warning messages during the install process, however if you open the protocol, you don’t see any flaws in the installation process and everything points to “Successful” – Where’s the problem then when everything’s alright?

It seems as I still have to struggle with that issue on my big computer as AMD won’t come up with a good solution in the near future…

The graphics products still are awesome. Never doubted the two 6970 beasts in my computer dealing with the newest graphics titles to deal with. Even Diablo 3 is running without any flaws on that machine (if the game itself wouldn’t run into so many lags lately).

Let’s see how the AMDVECC will develop in future…

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