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Funny stuff you can do with an iPhone

iPhone here, iPhone there. Some people might say that
it is boring to read about Apple’s wonder device, being
owned by more than 20 million people every day. But
did you know about the funny things about it’s camera?
However one guy decided to put the device into his guitar while recording a video.
The results are somewhat astounding and baffling.

What looks like strange waves in the guitar’s strings is only the effect of the relatively slow shutter of the built-in video camera of the iPhone.

Interestingly not only the iPhone’s camera seems to be able to record such somewhat strange videos as other mobile devices also have an equivalent type of camera built in.

So maybe you can be lucky to record videos like the one shwon below with your HTC or Samsung Galaxy S. Give it a try! ;)

Yet nice to look at!

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