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Google Stadia – Launch gone wrong

It seems to be no good start for Google Stadia.
First, there’s the issue of streaming stutterings and
a bumpy start upon launch. Then the availability in
certain countries. and then the HDR issue at 4K.

So while the HDR issue with 4K and having blurry images have shown that Google has reduced resolution in order to preserve bandwidth. It seems as if HDR and 4K just take up too much bandwith. More than Stadia can handle. And probably more than most internet lines to the customer could handle.

So Google took the bitter pill and decided to reduce resolution to either 1440p or even 1080p where bandwidth would exceed a certain level.

However people did notice the difference and the first shitstorm against Google didn’t let wait long.

Then Google has set up a rather unspectacular Game lineup for launch. One would have expected serious AAA titles at launch to compete with other streaming services.

The price with 9.99 US$ per month is equal to other game streaming services.

And then there’s the trailer which is (frankly said) so 2000’s:

So what do you think? Will Stadia stand a change against NVidia Shield and other Game streaming services or should Google go back to the drawing board and start over again?

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