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GNOME fighting Rothschild patent troll

It’s not often that you read about a lawsuit against a
foundation that brings out X11 desktop replacements
for Linux whereas most of the software for Linux is
based on the GNU GPL model thus free for private use.

It seems as if Rothschild Patent Imaging LLC doesn’t care about the fact that GNOME is a foundation without any intention to profit from GNOME desktop and the environment behind. In detail it’s the Software “Shotwell” that comes with GNOME (and other X11 desktop environments for Linux). As Shotwell allows the import of images via wireless connections, Rothschild thought, they could squeeze out some money from GNOME Foundation.

The lawsuit against GNOME couldn’t be more ridiculous:


Original location of the document:

Like most patent trolls, Rothschild Patent Imaging LLC is claiming patent rights on an image distribution system without cables (wireless) as the following PDF document describes:


Original location of the document:

This, however, would mean that Rothschild could sue virtually anyone whose product is using wireless transfer for image sharing and import which would mean almost every manufacturer of smartphones and even OS giants like MS and Apple.

Additionally, the patent above has been filed in 2018, a time where wireless transfers (of images) have been popular already.

Now see us wrong here but why would a patent office grant such a patent where the technology is already in use for at least a decade (remember: We shared pictures via Bluetooth and IR back in 2000!)?

Naturally the court where the lawsuit GNOME vs. Rothschild Patent Imaging LLC was on trial, ruled for GNOME and Rothschild backed out with a final statement demanding a 5-digit-sum from GNOME in settlement costs to close the case.

But now GNOME Foundation fights back and countersues Rothschild for this obviously faudulent attempt to gain money from a patent that herein is used for more than 10 years in different ways, be it in data transfers between devides or computers via IR/wireless connections. The demand is that Rothschild has to pay all the fees their origin lawsuit caused plus a processing fee that GNOME had to finance in advance to show how ridiculous this patent and every lawsuit that results from it, is.

However we think it’s not done with this one counterclash against Rothschild as that company (which is a LLC (=Limited Liability Company) btw.!) hold not less than 134 other patents:

How ironic to call that patent troll an “inventor” at all as this guy probably never has invented anything or contributed anything that hasn’t been invented before! A classic patent troll as you would name it!

We think, that was just another lame attempt to make some money with the least effort spending (as always with those patent trolls!) and the fact that all those patent trolls hide their asses and private money behind a LLC doesn’t make LLCs in common more trustworthy!

It’s just a matter of time where other LLCs might unite against such patent troll companies as they damage their reputation and sue them till they fall apart!

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