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Toshiba pushes NVMe to the next level

The demand for high-capacity NVMe memory is still given.
Prices are dropping yet high-capacity modules are rather
expensive. Toshiba has unveiled the 1TB small-form factor
NVMe SSD. The 22x30mm module has one single chip!

So while 4TB SSDs still are rather clunky and 2TB modules on 22x110mm form factor are the biggest available today, it seems as if Toshiba is reaching for new levels when it comes to high-density capacity on small room.

As 22x110mm modules can be equipped with up to 4 of these modules and on both sides, it is now possible to create 8TB NVMe SSDs.

This is possible because the single chip uses 96 layers of memory cells to reach this enormous capacity.

So it’s just a matter of time until other companies prducing NVMe SSDs will also deliver similar chips.

There are rumors that HGST-WD is already experimenting with 96 and 128level chips to produce even bigger capacity SSDs on the same room demand.

So in 2019 it’s most likely that 2,5″ enclosures may hold up to 8TB of space easily and even the m2-SSDs in the 22110 form factor may grow up to 8TB.

This should also have positive effect on the price per GB. Maybe we will be able to snatch 4TB drives for under 500 US$ then

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