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WLAN goes 802.11ax for home users

Almost every bigger company of network equipment is showing
next-generation WLAN routers and switches that support the new
802.11ax standard (or WLAN Class 6). Aiming for short-range yet
high performance (up to 11Gbit/s!) they’re the next generation.

Although the basic bands are still located in the 2.4 and 5GHz band range, the new standard also allows to use bands at 1 and 7GHz accordingly. While 802.11ad is operating at 60GHz, the range of the ad networks is limited due to their short wave. One wall in between and the bandwidth is significantly dropping.

So 802.11ax has been established and many mobile devices presented on the CES will also support 802.11ax in order to achieve new speeds on wireless connections.

Today, switches and routers offering up to 5GBit/s via WLAN do so by bundling two 5GHz ac networks together. The downside is that there are not many devices that can trunk two WLAN networks in order to use the combined bandwidth.

These switches rather aim to home users who want to provide 2 networks that are seperated from each other in order to maintain a basic QoS setup.

So while 802.11ad is still no option (and there are no devices yet supporting 60GHz bands!), 802.11ax can become the new high-speed WLAN.

Nevertheless we still prefer the good cable to a WLAN as a cable is much more reliable nowadays. and also cat.7 cables can deliver a stable and reliable 10GbE link. Some WLAN6 routers also have one 10GbE port which makes them interesting for high-speed WAN connections.

So far only Switzerland with Salt is known to deliver 10Gbit internet to the home yet their box has no 10GbE port so that a dedicated WLAN router can be placed behind. We will see how this is all managed in the future when more and more countries are upgrading FTTH for home users to 10Gbit/s.

The demand is there especially with 8K Home Entertainment equipment being shown on the CES2019.

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