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Why Indonesia is dangerous…

Travelling can be dangerous. Especially into regions not as evolved as the
modern industrial states. In this case, a british housewife has to fear the big
consequences of smuggling drugs. What’s perfidious, is the fact that the
woman got oppressed to smuggle the drugs as her children were threatened.

The country we’re speaking of, is Indonesia which is a desired travel destination. For the british woman this destination could be thae last as she got sentenced to death for smuggling 3.5 kilograms of drugs in her luggage. As Indonesia has a very strict drugs law, even the attorney was surprised that she got sentenced to death as he has only requested her for being jailed in for 15 years.

Either fact is not nice anyways as the woman is 54 years old. A jail penalty of 15 years would result in her being aged 69 when released again (based on the fact that she would survive the rather harsh imprisonment conditions anyways).

A thing which is to check is, if she got once sued for smuggling drugs in the past. If not, then the judge should ask himself if the death sentence is the right thing to use.

However if the woman should get executed in Mali, this would impact the global respect against Indonesia also.

Now you ask why I used the word “also”. The fact for her being sentenced to death is simple: Drug smuggling is said to ruin the respect of Indonesia’s status. That’s why she has to die. But the fact that she probably got oppressed and is now dying for the real gangster, is lowering the respect far more. At least I wouldn’t think about travelling Indonesia anymore knowing that you could be the victim of a drug gangster and being mobbed into smuggling drugs with the consequence of being sentenced to death or a very long imprisonment!

Indonesia should carefully reconsider the verdict if they want to preserve their reputation as travelling destination which brings in money for the prosperity.

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