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AMD producing CPU/GPU for 4G consoles

AMD has hit the honeypot. It seems as if both, XBox Next and Playstation 4
are using the new 8-core Jaguar Processor from AMD. Reasons for their
decision may be that the processor has much lower heat dissipation, easier
manufacturing process as the processor can be built in many foundries.

About the GPU, both manufacturers still keep silence. But with the capability of DirectX 11, a modern GPU seems to be built into the new boxes.

Rumors are on that the XBox Next also could only be called XBox, following Apple’s trails in naming (like the “new” iPad). What’s for sure is, that the XBox won’t be called XBox 720 or XBox 3.

The PS4 (the naming is also unsure) follows it’s own concept and will keep a similar naming convention. However it’s questionable if the console finally will be called Playstation 4 (Codename Orbis). We’ll see when it’s publication time and the E3 opens it’s gates again, which will be in June 11 to 13, 2013. So there’s a mere 5 months for both to manifest their consoles and present them (hopefully) on the upcoming E3.

Other rumors of the new XBox also state that the new controller might (like the WiiU!) have a built-in touch pad for controlling. but the features are not yet known.

Unlike the WiiU, the new XBox is supposed to play bluray discs as well. So not only for gaming, the XBox will also act as an entertainer. If there will be a special “slim” version of the new XBox which is said to be handlicg download-only content, we’ll have to wait any further.

So while we wait for the next E3 expo, the prospected release date is Novmber, 2013… not much time anymore to have the XBox next ready.

And what about Sony? Their PS4 is supposed to have the same APU inside but GPU seems to be a 7970M which offers tremendous graphics power. Yet sony plans to have Microsoft publish thir console first. A scheme, Sony has followed the past years already.

In conclusion, both consoles are expected for the christmas shopping time 2013. So there’s much to do now for both. Hopefully, the  platform will allow programmers to bring out content fast. A console ain’t much fun if there’s not much to game on.Besides that, the PS3 is still bringing in the dough. So Sony sees not yet any reason to act in advance…

But one thing is for sure. AMD has made a good deal as the console market still is expanding (or advancing!) – Finally some air to breathe for the tortured AMD company?

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