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Apple and the fate of being big!

The fate of Apple being big, is better to se than ever before. While Apple has
presented outrageous good balances, shareholders still punish the company
by selling shares in masses. The result is a 10 percent loss within one day!
So while the Apple share valuated 514.18 USD close on Wednesday…

it opened with a 455.01 value today. With 451.00 being the lowest spot, the shares had a timely loss of about 14%! Okay, so what are we talking about?

Apple has made a net win of 13.1 billion USD the last operative business quarter! Based on a gross volume of sales valued 54.5 Billion USD this is a fairly good value and the growth rate of Apple has increased to 18% more than Q4/2012.

So I still wonder what people demand as the results are fine so far. On the other hand I think You can’t do everything right and business analysts say that Apple has reached it’s high time and from now on, it’s going down. Maybe this is the reason why so many investors have pushed the panic button and sold lots of shares resulting in a havoc drop of the share value which is actually 460.93 (18:10 MET).

Still this development is worrying as the share once had a value of 700 USD.

Is it the fact that Apple has no more ideas to show or what else could be the reason for these immense share slides?

One thing is for sure: I am no business analyst and I am no shareholder, too! That’s why I am probably not understanding why Apple has to deal with such harsh business problems at the moment.

Oh, one more thing™: Apple should whatsoever find another way to show their sense of innovation. An update of an already-existing device might be good for 2-4 generations but if you try to squeeze out a device concept (even if it is yet innovative) to the very end, you’ll probably see the same thing happen again with Samsung which is going to present the Samsung Galaxy S4…

Update as of January, 26th – 09:00 (GMT+1):

The AAPL shares have closed at 450.61 USD and marking another low. Business analysts expect a downgrade of AAPL shares soon. If that happens, AAPL might hit the 400USD border soon.

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