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Thou shalt not betray your husband!

When marriages don’t work well anymore, it usual that wife and husband
talk to each other and try to find a solution together to solve any issues. In
this case however the wife of a british man has decided to registerat a dating
site and revealing details about her marriage the man did not find funny.

While she insulted him to be a complete idiot and being, she also stated that she’s seeking for a guy who seems normal. She also stated that she likes two things in her life: Her horses and her convertible Peugeot. She also asks for descretion.

Well… alone the fact that she diffames her husband so extremely on a dating site, brougt him to an idea:
She has parked her convertible just at the house.
And what do horses produce after being fed grass?
One+One equals ?

Watch the video and you’ll see!

I bet she will regret diffaming her husband so badly and furthermore she has to bring up a very good excuse for her dishonesty.

What do we learn from it: Dear women, men aren’t as stupid as you often think! Dishonesty on the ‘net will come to truth sooner or later and then the question is: Who’s the idiot then?

So whenever there’s dissence upcoming: better consider talking to each other. Everything else will end up in crazy things!

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