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When Windows Phone asks for a CD…

…or: “Hey Windows, you know what you’re running on, eh?”. When a user
tried to flash the ROM of his Windows smartphone, the phone suddenly asked
for an installation media. The problem is: Windows 8 comes on a DVD. So how
do you get a DVD recognized by the smartphone?

While tablets have USB host connectors which may probably recognize external drives, Windows phones don’t have such a connector. So in this case, the only thing to say is:

“Boy, your smartphone is bricked!”

The problem is, that you won’t be able to make the pone fetch the required files from a source as ther’s simply no source to install from. How do you get files on the flash memory of the phone if there’s no subsystem on the phone itself?

Tampering with the BootROM of a flash-memory-based device is most likely to fail as you can’t control what’s happening during the flash process and if something may go wrong.

The phone where this message has occured however won’t beep anymore…

Oh… and one more thing: Also Microsoft has recognized, that smartphones have become a computer by now. Or how do you explain the message that Windows Phone is asking you to restart your computer? ;)

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