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Train hijacked in Sweden: The results

Interesting to read these kinds of News as they’re very uncommon. A young
woman in sweden hijacked a public transportation vehicle and drove it off
the tracks leaving a big demolition behind. While the track was secured with
a bumper, the train was so fast that it crashed into a house 25 metres behind.

Looking at the pictures should give you an idea how fast the train must have crashed into the house:

(all pictures courtesy of Reuters)




A video about this is also made by Reuters:

Two questions are bothering me right now:

Why was the train not secured (many trains are lock-secured against activation by unauthorized personnel, let alone the access to the driving cabin)?

Why did the track guide system not automatically brake the train (most public transportation systems have emergency brake systems in case of driver blackout)?

A train like this ain’t no toy and for god’s sake there was luckily no more hurt persons than the rogue driver inside the empty train.

The rogue driver has been freed from her iron cage in 2 hours and been transferred to hospital with severe injuries.

Luckily the tenants in the house, who were sleeping tight, were not harmed by this wild accident in any way. The house however has been cleared due to static security issues.

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