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Finally… the winter seems back!

Did the weather in the past weeks not look like wintertime (don’t tell me that
you consider 15 degrees celsius winterlike!) it is finally snowing again down
to 500 metres above sea level (the height level Bern is). But for how long will
the snow last and how long is the timespan until the next thaw time?

According to the weather forecast, the thaw weather is going to set up at the next saturday when temperatures are going to rise above zero degrees but they also say that their prognostics are of medoicre precision and subject to change.

I still wonder it it’s going to freeze down to minus 5 to minus 10 degrees again along with some snowfall. Or is the winter 2012/2013 already done?

One thing is for sure: I hate rainy weather, I hate grey sky for a prolonged time!


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