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TSMC launching 5nm production

TSMC is going to fab 5nm processors soon.
Samsung Electronics and TSMC have started
fabbing in 5nm in order to have next-gen SoCs
available for their next-gen flagship phones.

Also Apple is requesting production capacities for their upcoming A14 SoC. With the 5nm structure size being the end of what expert scientists defining as the limit of Moore’s law, the limit for transistor sizes has been reached as these start quantum tunneling through the gate oxide layer at sizes of 7nm and smaller.

However it seems as if TSMC has still been able to achieve remarkable results of transistor lithography in 5nm thus allowing for higher yields of 5nm SoCs. Although the Covid-19 outbreak is having some impact on electronics production mostly in Asia, TSMC is still confident to start mass production in Q1/Q2 2020 reaching shipment status in Q3 2020.

Interesting to know will be: What will be the next step for structure reduction if 5nm seems to mark the end of Moore’s law by now?

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