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A new privacy-oriented browser?

No longer trusting Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or
Mozilla Firefox for some reasons? Tired of Ad and
Social Media tracking collection from said browsers?
Well, Brave might be the answer to all that data spaying.

With Brave, a browser has been made public which seems to take user privacy to a new level.

Ads are delivered through Brave directly and not in conjunction with the origin ad content deliverer. This means no private data will ever transmitted to an ad service which can track you using an unique ID.

Although there’s not much known about the method Brave is using to deliver Ads you might want to see, the way it is handled seems fair. You get rewards (badges) for allowing the delivery of ads to you. No ads no money but clean web, that’s what most users want to have in times where more and more websites have ads in between or even full-screen ads. Nothing is more annoying than a site that flashes ads to your eyes using the whole screen and blocking content to be viewed without distraction.

If Brave really keeps to what it’s promising, we might consider a recommendation to it.

The look&Feel is inspired by Mozilla, so Firefox users will feel at home with this one.


  • Ads only upon user request
  • No Unique ID handling for Ad tracking and statistics
  • TOR browsing for private tabs

Seems too good to be true…

The browser is available for all major OSs (Windows, MacOS, Linux) so everyone might test it.

For those being brave (what a word game…), you can get the browser here:

So let’s dig into some numbers here, will we?

  HTML5Test SunSpider JetStream 2 Basemark 3
Firefox 74 470 237.1ms 64.792 575.16
MS Edge (Chromium) 531 300.0ms 91.512 947.68
Brave (Chromium) 531 293.4ms 91.568 908.50

Test-Screenshots (click to enlarge):


Firefox 74 MS Edge Chromium Brave



Firefox 74 MS Edge Chromium Brave


JetStream 2:

Firefox 74 MS Edge Chromium Brave


Basemark 3:

Firefox 74 MS Edge Chromium Brave


Well, if you don’t trust MS New Edge browser, then Brave might be a try for you. Firefox 74 seems to have been slowed down for no obvious reason and what’s even more interesting that we cannot achieve high score in HTML5Test even with FF74 installed from scratch. Odd behavior indeed. But of all tree browsers, Firefox still has a wide fanbase and probably the best add-on support.

So despite of FF74 being slower than the two Chromium-based browsers, FF74 still is 1st choice when it comes to famliar UI and usability. For those willing to sacrifice some usability, Brave might be an interesting choice to try out.

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