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C&C Remastered – It’s true!

When EA seemed to have neglected the C&C lineup,
a lot of fans of this series were quite annoyed and
sort of boycotting EA products afterwards. Now it
seems as if EA heard the voice of these people.

The result is a remastered version of Command & Conquer 1 and 2 with all expansions. But they did not just polish up the game from it’s 1995 origin, no, they did a full overhaul. This means, the ingame graphics were fully rendered for 4K graphics detail and zoom capability giving the game a complete new immersion level.

And to make things even better, the soundscore originally created by Frank Klepacki has been also remastered to let the good old times roll again!

A lot of new multiplayer maps and single missions will most likely gurantee for some action, so let’s see what EA is bringing to stores on June 5th, 2020.

For what we see here by now, this looks promising (videos are in FullHD, so enlarge the videos)!

Original Graphics:

Remastered Graphics:

Original Graphics:

Remastered Graphics:

It already looks quite promising. We like that much!

The downside is that it’ll require at least Windows 8.1! Windows 7 users have to reconsider updating to the newer OS if they want to play C&C Remastered.

More info is available here:

Official C&C Remastered site

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