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Katie Porter urging CDC director

While the coronavirus is still keeping the world
in suspense, Katie Porter has taken the initiative
to question the fact why coronavirus tests in the
USA are still charged to the people.

Katie Porter didn’t need much time to convince the CDC director to promise free tests to EVERY American citizen independent of his/her insurance status thus making it possible to take the next step for stopping the pandemic.

Interestingly the CDC director was sort of stumbled when she just made the sum-up on her whiteboard showing that even 300 US$ for some Americans are a LOT of money and if followed by an emergency case even that could lead to a thousand dollars and more. Too much for most people and one of the reasons why some people refrain from getting tested on Covid-19

Sometimes it needs a harsh bump to find the right direction. What Katie Porter did, was the right thing in order to stop Covid-19 spread much more.

The clock is 12:01pm here already and one could only guess now how many positive Covid-19 cases the USA has in total aside of the 1700 officially reported cases!

Here’s the full-length speech where Katie Porter dismantles Dr. Redfield:

Interesting fact before: Donald Trump first has put down Covid-19 of being a serious threat. However when the world economy broke down and major markets (DJI, DAX, SMI) lost over 40% of their value within one week, he had to speak to his people:

While he stated that his initial action was to stop travels from China and pointing to Europe failing to take immediate actions, he later stated that the CDC is getting additional funds to increase test capacities, prevention and vaccination against Covid-19. But why then had Katie Porter force the CDC to finally make tests and vaccinations free for ALL american citizens first?

Interesting is also the fact that many countries have already taken actions such as reduction of public gatherings, closure of schools and the like. In Switzerland, for example, every precaution method, even the POTUS has stated in his speech, were already activated two weeks ago, namely when Covid-19 began to infest Hubei and the number of infections was still increasing.

Okay, one could now yell and say: Why didn’t Switzerland closed the borders to Italy earlier (took place on March 11th!) knowing that a massive outbreak in Northern Italy (Lombardy) had already occurred and infected over 3000 people back then. The number of infections is actually at over 15’000 and increasing. Other countries in Europe facing the same problems, while Covid-19 is having a large impact on Spain, Germany and France with 3000 and more infections by now!

Switzerland has hit 1100 infections to this very day (using the actual numbers the FOH (Federal Office of Health) has issued few hours ago.

However the precautions in Europe are seriously taken and each european country is taking the very same steps to stop Covid-19 from spreading faster and to stop this pandemic as fast as possible. The USA are definitely overlook that the people in Europe live closer together making it easier for pandemic to spread. Yet there are less deaths to infections compared to the USA. (Germany has 2369 infections, 5 deaths which means a mortality rate of 0.211% and thus equal to what a normal flu causes). USA has 1701 infections and 36 deaths already which brings us to a 2.11% mortality rate!

Smart action as he later quotes, would have meant: “Take immediate action upon first case of Covid-19 in the USA and not putting it down to be a minor threat at first. Europe took Covid-19 a serious threat since the first occurrence in every country. Economic aspects were of second importance so far and there were economic actions taken only after covid-19 precautions and actions have been taken. A thing Trump quoted to be an equal issue in his speech.

So all in all, Trump cannot point to Europe saying they’re not doing enough to stop the virus and allowing UK citizens to still travel to the USA although Covid-19 has been regarded as a threat already and also the travel between France and UK to be one way of infection makes no sense at all.

Here you can check on the actual Covid-19 threat level using several dashboards with live statistics:


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