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Covid-19 – A virus threatening the world

It seems as if the media is entirely in the hands of
the “corona-virus”, also called Covid-19, which
belongs to the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory
Syndrome) viruses and infected 80’000 people.

It’s origin is in Wuhan, China where most infections have taken place. Over 70.000 registered infections in the province of Wuhan have been reported, number still increasing.

So what makes this virus so interesting/dangerous that the WHO is speaking of an epidemic outbreak.

Although Covid-19 has symptoms that are similar to a regular flu, it seems to be more deadly. While the flu is causing about 0.4 to 0.5 percent of the infected persons to die, the mortality rate of Covid-19 is ten times as high. That’s why Covid-19 has become a severe threat to mankind and is carefully watched by the WHO.

Although it was often thought to be only infecting people, it seems as if a dog has also been tested positive on Covid-19, however the symptoms are rather mild and the dog seems healthy.

Besides it’s threat to human health it also seems to have tremendous impact on the economy worldwide. Stock markets go crazy and seem to fall because of all the factory outages in China where most of the electric goods are manufactured.

A lot of companies selling electronic devices have already issued a profit warning for the first quarter of 2020 as sales went down massively due to shortage of certain goods.

And how do people deal with Covid-19? Well in the USA, for example, people have stopped buying Corona beer as they assign it to Covid-19 for some odd reason.

However traffic worldwide, especially flights, have reduced as people are afraid to get infected. Yet a lot of people go by train where the infect resk is alsmost the same as on an airplane.

And while we speak of it, shops are being harvested of conserves as people think the virus might take down the everyday life for a prolonged time.

And how do we see it? Well, as you can see, we’re not much stressed of Covid-19 as the danger of getting infected is rather slim and if you take care for hygiene then you can reduce the danger of getting infected to a promille part. So there’s not much to worry about, yet!

If you’re curious about knowing how much people are infected with Covid-19 and where:

Another comprehensive site can be found here


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