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Officer imprisoning 6-year old girl

Well, it seems justice has gone too far again. An officer
in Orlando, FL has imprisoned a 6-year old girl after an
incident in her school. According to U.S. newsportals it
seems as if the teacher has called the police.

6-year old Kaia is said to have attacked three teachers for no particular reason and one of the teachers saw no other solution than to call the officers to school to have Kaia calmed down.

One of the officers however has taken his job a bit too serious and pinned her down with cable ties as her arms were too slim for regular handcuffs. Even with her crying and begging to be let free, the officer treated her like a serious criminal taking fingerprints, mugshots and a full protocol.

Why the officer hasn’t called her parents is still unknown. Her granny, however, hopes that the law in Florida gets tightened down only allowing to imprison individuals above the age of 12 years.

This raw bodycam footage shows the full incident and audit:

After the incident went public, the officer has been suspended from his duties until all circumstances are clarified. Yet it’s unknown if the officer may resume his job thereafter.

This incident took place last year in September. Now her parents have made the bodycam video public hoping for the alteration of the imprisonment law that forbids imprisoning minors at the age of 11 or less.

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