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Archive for May, 2011

My Toshiba Satellite 5200…

Believe it or not: Usually, Noteboos are supposed to be outlived by their data storages (HDD).
In my case the good old notebook (now 8 years old!) has outlived the second HDD!
Now installed WinXP new from scratch and typing this blog entry by now.
Sad but true that the f***ed HDD was a Samsung HDD which are usually known as being very

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Funny Pranks

Things you’d better not do at your community or you consider cleaning the mess afterwards!
However the preparations are made very detailed and carefully…
So if you want to have a laugh or two, you might find the following video an inspiration
for a new prank…

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Almost summer, lots of work…

…but still time to relax

Well… Currently sitting in Starbucks, enjoying a strawberry&cream FrappĂ© and thinking
about my vacation starting on friday…

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Blogs and their behaviour…

When the big Web2.0 sympathy began and all these social networks offered ppl to track
their life online, also known as “blogging”, I did not instantly adapt to this technique.
But in today’s time it can be very interesting to look back, what you have done in the past.
With the help of some software (in this case WordPress), blogging never became easier.

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…after some several kinks with subdomaining, domaining, whatever…

Sometimes things ain’t that easy as they are promoted… it’s all trial and error!
Last but not least I got WordPress to work and with it a (hopefully) easy-to-manage blog.

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Happy 30th, fella!

Today a good friend of mine celebrates his 30th birthday and I am also invited.
Better start to get my luggage packed and prepare to get to Munich asap!
Stay tuned when I update this entry about how the party was!
*** Update on June, 8th, 2011 ***

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