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Happy 30th, fella!

Today a good friend of mine celebrates his 30th birthday and I am also invited.
Better start to get my luggage packed and prepare to get to Munich asap!
Stay tuned when I update this entry about how the party was!
*** Update on June, 8th, 2011 ***

It was for sure an unforgettable weekend as things did not run well upon first sight!

Day 1:

An ordinary day like no other…  I prepared myself going to Munich by train.
Everything went okay so far. Trains in Bern right on time, Departure right on time… arrival in Basel SBB right on schedule…
Even the ICE to Mannheim was in time (not difficult if you consider that Basel SBB is the starting station for that train!)

But then things started to change rapidly while crossing the swiss-german border… the ICE got slower and slower then finally with a breathtaking 27 km/h (thank god, the ICE shows the speed sometimes on its information displays) we went approx half an hour with that speed. Okay, then the train finally sped up to 240 km/h for the rest of the journey and a delay of 15 minutes was already in schedule. So I went to the friendly train staff and asked if I would reach my connection train to Munich.

All I got as an answer was: “You may, you may not.”
The train is supposed to wait for a certain time to allow changing passengers to probably reach the train… Gheeez! Must be MY lucky day…
Okay… despite the fact that I forgot my mobile phone in Bern, I asked myself how to get in touch with my friends who may be picking me up in Munich at the central station.

Good that the ICE has onboard internet… I thought. Should be no problem with my notebook. Unfurl the notebook,connect to the access point, pay for an hour or so via credit card, gain accesss, write Mail to my friends and we’re all set… I THOUGHT!
The fact that my notebook was not able to gain access to the network really pissed me off and my, during my Mannheim forced 1-hour wait time, desperately bought cell phone (prepaid, 24 EUROS) which supposed to be activated within an hour or so wasn’t! No Service in Mannheim, in Stuttgart, in Ulm, in Augsburg and still in Munich… thanks O2 for the quick service… *SARCASM*

Okay… finally arriving in Munich at 21:37, I started to get a room in a nearby hotel around central station as I wasn’t able to get internet working on my laptop to check my mails. Taking a cab to different hostels and B&B hotels to receive a “Njet” on my question about a free single dorm (I don’t like group cuddling with other weird-looking ppl!) made me piss away 40 EUROS… gheez!
Finally I decided to check on my bro’s flat if my mum and her friend are already back and operating the flat again. So I went there…

Ringing the bell several times brought me no answer… DANG!
Okay… get a coin-operated telephone at Kolumbusstreet subway station because Telekom decided to tear down the telephone posts in Albanistreet… and call my bro in Bern…
Got him on the phone (luckily) and told him about my miserable situation and he told me that he has just had a talk with Munich. Okay… I told him to call again and inform them that I am acoming.
The second call to my friends led me to answering machines so I left them a message telling them: SNAFU! (Situation normal, all fucked up!) – They know what I mean by that… my insults against DB should have underlined that pretty good…
Later on I finally could get a rest, activate my notebook, gain access to the web… So I thought, I could get access to my work’s webmail also…
Login impossible due to WHATEVER reason!

Gheez… okay, too much trouble for today, trying to activate my cell phone by web as stated via the added leaflet… it finally worked… the form stated that my phone might be activated as soon as possible… -> Went to bed in hope to have a working phone by the next day…

Day 2:

New day, new luck. Switching on my cell phone, keying in my PIN… and look, the phone works. The carrier name “Tchibo” finally showed and I got an excellent signal strength. Time to make some IMPORTANT calls! As I reached them all, they now knew I was okay and still am. Doing some businesses I went to the city centre and went to all the shops I intened and got nearly everything I wanted. Heading home, packed with some stuff, I arrived at home again and unfurled my notebook to do some information check. No problem so far… if there wasn’t the non-working mouse as the receiver seemed to be broken by the heavy weight of the notebook itself (approx 9 pounds (4.6kg!)). So I had to get one f***ing mouse when I am on my way picking up Christian from his work site.

Okay… yet not having eat something, my mum decided to prepare some food… sounds great and as she can cook like my grandparents did, I decided to wait… not knowing that it would certainly take longer as expected. Finally I was able to depart at 15:40 from home messaging Christian to wait at Frankfurter Ring instead to pick up asap a subway to central station.

Rushing into Schwanthaler Computer and got me that darn rodent for my laptop made me relief a bit so that I could concentrate on other things.

We went to Christopher, the guy that gets 30… with only 45 minutes in Delay but that seemed okay for him also as he was in a hurry himself and not quite ready.

Later on, the party started as expected and it was fantastic! We had all fun and one, two, three, too many beers and spirits too much but luckily I had no headache. (Dang, 40 Aspirin tablets bought for nothing! ;) – Nevermind! I take them with me and use them in emergency cases back in Bern!)

Day 3:

New day new plans and a deep sleep from 7 a.m. till 3p.m. I woke up and fired up my notebook to get my daily dosis of information…
Later on, Christopher returned from a sales presentation of pianos with a big smile… I knew he made a big deal and is in a real good mood.

We cleansed the other party den as it seemed to look like a lot used… black streams from shoes, water spots from spilled ice and dirt mixed with the melted ice… what 40 ppl leave, you know ;)

Done that we then went back to Christophers place to make some games on Red Alert 3 and destroy that nasty Oleg. Fine gaming I can tell you. Some beers have been harmed during that session and Christopher’s sister seems to perform really well in that game also. At least, the computer was unable to kick our butts! Good game till 3a.m…

Day 4:

The last day, before returning to Bern again. Great awakening, daily business, some classic gaming, then packing and preparing for departure.

4:00p.m. Central station track 21… I am about to enter my train to Zurich finding a rather unfamiliar train composition on the track. Cars from DB heading to Zurich? Well… as I haven’t used that connection for almost 6 months now, there could have been some changes… but then the search for my car number brought me into some thinking. Why for Pete’s sake there  are no car numbers?!

Asking one of the train crew ppl they told me that they had a replacement composition and don’t know much about it either… So my reservation for a spot was also obsolete?
Being inside the cars I noticed that the three 2nd class cars were already full (who doubts that if there are passengers who can fill 11 cars and there are only 6 cars, three of them being 1st class!!!) … and standing 4 hours to Zurich? NO WAY! So I upgraded to 1st class (like other pissed ppl did also).

The journey was sort of okay, the train left in time, arrived almost in time at its destination and the rest was just some train grabbing to Bern and a final ride home…


It doesn’t matter what I do, the way my journeys to Munich start and end are almost always the same: late trains, some train defects (ironically said that these happen only at DB’s side…) rarely allow me to meet my ppl in time. But forgetting a cell phone makes you realize how dependent you are in these modern times. You feel sorta ‘naked’ if your personal assistant, namely the smartphone, is missing and making you unable to contact your friends.
Last but not least I didn’t regret any of my journeys yet and leaving Munich made me feel sad a bit because I don’t know for sure when I will be seein my ppl again…

Read here what Christian has posted into his blog: Rosiv’s Blog (link no longer available as old blog is offline :( )

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  • Rosiv says:


    that’s what I call a great party, with the normal circumstances the “DB” brings along. :)
    Glad to hear, that the rest of your Weekend was good, too!
    Sorry for having no time, but we’ll meet again!


    Posted on May 12th, 2011 at 08:13 Reply | Quote

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