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Snapdragon 980 around the corner

So while the heat has come down from Apple’s Event and
the published iPhone XS line, it seems as if Huawei wants
to steal the show from Apple. They say that their new
processor “Kirin 980” is faster than Apple’s A12 Bionic.

So if you have already read this article then you know that this processor will be placed in Huawei’s new flagship phone, the Huawei Mate P20.

It seems to be the hell of a processor. A real fast computing section combined with a fast efficiency section might really kick in and show Apple what fast processors are made of.

But wait… we had a case where Krin processors have been caught cheating in Benchmarks. Huawei and Honor have been scanning for open apps and if they meet a certain string, the temperature treshold and power demand levels were raised in favor for better benchmark results.

So when the Kirin 980 comes out, it’ll be interesting to see if Huawei again is cheating just to “beat” Apple with it’s A12 in numbers.

But still it’s just some number manipulation. Apple’s iPhones have way lesser memory and also the processor has less speed. So it seems as if Apple has the better Performance per Watt rating nonetheless if Huawei is cheating or not. Pushing the processor to extreme stress while benchmarking just to have the highest score is not yet a warranty for the performance crown in the everyday usage.

So let’s wait for first results in mid October when the Huawei Mate P20 is being presented to the public.

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