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MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) – 0day leak

Security leaks are always a nuisance. The 0day leak
that is shown below is a tool that allows access to
private Data, such as the Address Book and other
files of the user. And this without any prompts!

Usually things like these shouldn’t be possible in a Unix OS as it has the same strict user security management and rights management as other Unix/Linux OSses. So this is really awkward! How is that little program able to bypass every form of security barrier without notification?

Watch the demonstration here:

Not only has Apple still no bug bounty program where developers could report these 0day leaks nor is there any form of prevention to hinder the unwanted access to the private data so far.

There are even yet undocumented security leaks in the graphics drivers since January this year. Wardle made it clear that these have to be fixed. Apple however has not yet made any attempt to do likewise. So these security holes still exist although they’re not yet made public.

In November Wardle is going to hold the “Objective by the Sea”-Conference in Hawaii in November where he will also publish more details on the 0day leak shown above.

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