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Samsung put their feet in it…

It seems as if Samsung’s PR department had a bad day
or they simply forgot to re-check the spots before they
released them. However it’s again an immature fight
about who has the better device…

CHeck out the first spot:

So Samsung is mocking the Apple Pencil not to work together with the iPhone. But en contaire the Samsung S Pen is also not working together with the Galaxy S9. So what you’re hinting at, Samsung?

The second spot is also a bit of a late bloomer I guess:

So Samsung is mocking iOS12 for being able to build up a 32-person FaceTime session and considers it an unnecessary feature.

Umm… Samsung, what do YOU think, is a powerful feature, the iPhone X doesn’t have but your Note 9+ has? And don’t pin it down to the S Pen because a comparision between the Note9+ and the iPhone X is as fair as the compariasion of your entry-level tablets against a fully-equipped iPad Pro!

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