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Elon musk facing lawsuits

Seems as if harsh times will arrive for Elon Musk. His recent
escapade telling to retire from stock exchange meant a lot
of trouble fo the tesla shares. With his announcement the
shares increased to 379US$ per share. However the value

then fell back to it’s former level (359.04US$). As there are also bisdding options to bet on falling of a certain paper, it seems that some investoras beting on the fall of Tesla now have a big loss to cope with. They see a market manipulation in his tweet and this filed a lawsuit against him for severly manipulation of the stock market.

In my humble opinion, these maggots (Investors trying to gain money by betting on the rise or fall of a company and thus “earning” money for doing nothing) deserve a big loss to cope with and I hope thelawsuits don’t get through at all!

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