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Oh, sweet jimminee. – 2 TB at it’s smallest!

SAMSUNGOnce more it seems as if the end of HDD isn’t reached yet. Have we stated,
that Western Digital has brought out a 12.5mm HDD with 2TB capacity.
Now it seems as if Samsung (also part of HGST/WD now…) has managed
to squeeze 2 TB into a 9.5mm high HDD case which is just amazing.

Although the dense integration of such high capacity is doubtful concerning data safety and integrity, this is yet another yank against SSD drives which also become affordable  at high capacities (for example the Samsung Evo 848 with 1 TB for roughly 600 US$). Though, HDDs are still less expensive and thus a better option when it comes to lots of space at an affordable price tag.

With the release of the Samsung Spinpoint M9T, an excepted price tag of roughly 200 US$ for the 2TB model is most likely. Models with 1.5 and 1TB of the same product line are also announced to ship soon.

There are, however, no measurements of heat dissipation, noise and data transfer speed available to decide, whether to use them in a HTPC or not. Maybe another step to make big-space SSDs more affordable… – who knows!

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