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Seagate goes SSD

SeagateSeagate, known for it’s classic hard drives seems to have it, being the
Loner not to deliver SSD drives. As of today, Seagate announces the
release of it’s 600-series SSD drives, which are available in 120, 240
and 480 GB capacity, equipped with MFC 19nm chips from Toshiba.

Delivering 510 MB/s read and 420GB/s write speeds at an IOPS of about 70’000, the drive is in the upper speed field of today’s SSD drives. Since the idle power demand is 1.1 watts, it is not as suitable for mobile devices as others. With the initial build height of 7mm, the drive is initially concepted for classic notebooks and PCs, however plans exist to build them at 5mm also to fit into ultrabooks, which have extremely slim bodies. Seagate is however not the first data drive manufacturer to bring out 5mm drives, as Western Digital already has issued 500GB-HDD drives which are also only 5mm in height. However an SSD is more resistant as Western Digital’s HDD – and also faster!

Speaking of that, there will be also a Pro series (like Samsung) whose primary goal is to increase the IOPS (110’000) and rather slightly the read/write speed (520/450 MB/s). Available only as 7mm drives their targeted use case is PCs and disk storages.

Also SAS12G drives will be issued for the Enterprise Storage market. These drives are concepted as SAN-types and their speed is also 110’000 IOPS but an increased read speed of 750MB/s and write speed of 500 MB/s outwitting classic SSDs in read performance.

I wonder, if SATA Express (as SATA-IV won’t come!) will soon follow as a new standard to squeeze out even more speed off the SSDs! 16Gbit/s allow even higher transfer speeds!

Although the 6Gbit/s allow roughly 750 MB/s, there’s about 30% overhead for the transfer protocol, limiting the fastest SSDs so far down to 550MB/s. A Change in that direction couldn’t be wrong!

The last new drive that will be issued, is a PCI-E8x card which will have 2,2TB capacity and deliver read speed of 2.7GB/s and write speeds of 1.1GB/s at 1.1M IOPS! Unlike in the other drives, Seagate is using Virident memory chips for the PCI-E card. It’s excellency is also in their write durability of 33PB within 5 years warranty time. Looks great but the price may be far away from 1’000 US$! Expect prices around 2’500 to 3’500 US$ for that puppy!

Prices are yet not available at the moment but expect similar prices as other competitors like Sandisk, Samsung, Corsair…

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