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Adobe going to cloudify it’s applications

Adobe-logoAdobe has announced to bring out it’s newest version of their software
suite only as Pay-by-use-software. They underline the actuality of the
software and the new features, that will become available. While some
cheer for the new features, there might be some unhappy users.

The main reason for Adobe could probably be the fact that many private users have downloaded Adobe’s products illegally and thus not paying a dime for the Creativity Suite. At a price of roughly 2’000 US$ this is a real concern! Renting the software and use it via Cloud service, appears to be a foolproof system to lockout illegal users as the software is no longer physically stord on the client’s computer. But what about companies who use Adobe products via Terminal Server and have no access to the web (for security reasons for instance!)?

The next question is: When the software is still downloaded onto the Client’s computer, where’s the need of a cloud service then? Is the cloud service only a hidden DRM policy to lock out illegal users?

What is actually doing the rendering of images/videos? And why pay 700 US$ per year to use Adobe’s products? Are the cloud servers doing the rendering (and if so, at reasonable speeds) thus taking away the heavy load of Clients’ computers? If not, I see no real sense to cloudify the Creative Suite except for the fact that Adobe finally can control the usage of their products and have full control over the licenses.

Adobe_Creative_Cloud_logotype_with_icon_RGB_verticalA good idea or only a hidden “Buzz off illegal software users”?

Whatever idea is behind the Cloud solution, the final question is: What about the fact if you decide not to use the software abonnement any longer? Then you can’t use the program anymore. Oder software titles have been once installed on the computer, and you’re done! No hassle with online registration, no hassle with non-working websites and activation servers. Just Power on the PC, run the program, work with it, close it and that’s it.

Believe it or not. For most of my images I still use the plain old Photoshop 7! – Sure, now CS2 is free for use as it is rather old but why bother anyways? Maybe I’ll upgrade later on but for now, Photoshop 7 is slim, lightweight and just doing fine even under Windows 7. So are the new filters/effects really retifying an update? If so, why? Why would I trade my old and always-working program against an online-only version of the program at the fact that if I decide not to pay any longer for the program to loose al the possibility to edit my old images again? I guess I am not the only one thinking this.

There were lots of other possibilities to lock out illegal users. Why not releasing an eLicenser? Other companies have done so already and they’re working fine. Okay, the system’s also not fault-safe as a hardware defect may kill your licenses and then you gotta provve that you’re the legit owner of the corresponding licenses…

I guess, Adobe takes the easier way: Just making the Internet line mandatory at the cost that some companies will switch programs as they don’t allow their workers’ computers to be connected to the web.

As initially stated, I guess, Adobe just wants to stop the uncontrollable, illegal distribution of their software by making it available via Cloud service. But why then download the application (be it only partly or full) to the customers’ computers? Is this the simple “We can’t stop software piracy effectively, so we ban it partly!”-cry?

The advantages are clear:

  • Always the newest update
  • Always have the program available, even on new installed systems
  • New features quickly made available
  • Pay as you use

But there also disadvantages:

  • No offline usage of the software
  • High price and abonnement plans
  • No working software at the end
  • No Internet, no working software
  • No network-sharing via remote desktop
  • Still the software is locally stored
  • No physical media

As you can see, the disadvantages are currently impacting more.

I guess, Adobe won’t convince many users to leave behind their offline version of the programs or Creativity Suite and change to an online-only version at a monthly fee which they can’t use any longer if Adobe either decides to stop running their service or the users decide to stop payments.

A real rental of the software. Nothing you own at the end. And be honest: We’re already having lots of services which run by a monthly/annual abonnement. Software shouldn’t be another point on that list…

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