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Why cellphones are bad for relationships

oscar-icon-64Or: Things you shouldn’t do at a baseball game, especially when
you’re there with your girlfriend. This or a similar sentence would
be useful for this boy who thought, his call was more important
than his girlfriend and their debute on the Jumbotron…

A tradition in american baseball stadiums is the Jumbotron (usually used for the scoreboard and animations upon scoring. But sometimes it’s also used to pick out couples and make them kiss in public when focussed.

While others have initially started to kiss each other, this young man however seems to be so busy and neglected his girlfriend’s repeated notification about the Jumbotron/Kisscam. Now comes, what has to come: The girl seems to be really pissed and takes action. But watch for yourself:

And with this I wish you all a nice Father’s day with the warning: Listen to your girlfriend/wife when you’re at the stadium and give her priority to a phone call!

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