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WD to ship 5mm harddrives

It got quiet on the HDD market since Western Digital has shipped it’s first
2TB external pocklet Hard Drive (read my review). Now, Western Digital
is about to set a new mark and era in hard drives and their usability in
ultrabooks. An added SSD cache of 24GB helps seed up things a lot.

With a street price of roughly 100 US$, these drives offer quite a lot of storage at a reasonable price as a 500gb mSATA SSD is easily 5 times the price.

A new connector, however, will be necessary as the classic microSATA connector is just a tad too big for the build height. Watch some pics here:

Because slim isn’t slim enough!

A drive THAT slim and holding 500GB…

…coming as a standard HDD (Blue) and SSHD (Black) and SATA-6…

…leaves me just to say: Remarkable…

…what the engineers of Western Digital…

…have squeezed into this smal case…

…to store 500GB of data on it!

That said, the drives are now shipping and at a reaonable price per GB! Though you’ll have to have a device that has the new connector (SFF-8784), that combines power AND data connection in one 20-pin-connector. Since internal notebook drives usually are moved into a mainboard-soldered connector, there will be no adaptor cables to plug that small thing to your i.e. computer SATA connector. Although there are standard mount screw holes, they’re most likely for cosmetical and/or completion reasons. But anyhow good to see that WD tries to be compatible to whatever device you’re about to use this small drive in.

Tech specs aren’t available at the moment. Only that one platter is holding the data (otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to fit all together into one 5mm housing!) and transfer rates might be around 30-70 MB/s which is really good for that small thing!

So while many people think, the HDD sector has already died, Western Digital prooves once more that there’s still room for innovations and technology improvements. That’s why my drives are mostly Western Digital drives as they’re also very reliable!

Thumbs up, Western Digital!

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