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Wanna travel to france with your PDA?

mib_128Well, since today you’d better reconsider your thoughts and plans. According to
the french government, the french border control has all rights to search your
PDA for evidence (whatever it could be) without prior suspect. As this might
be a serious break with the right of privacy, the experts are alarmed.

The same practics are already used in the USA, and it’s frightening to see what rights one has. The USA claim the right to search your notebook or cell phone for any possible data should you fit into their suspiciousness grid. If you deny access to your device, you run risk that your device gets confiscated and forensicly treated. Thus involving a wait time of multiple months. The worst case that could happen, is, that you will be enforced by law to give the authorities access to your device.

Something like this will now be used at france borders, too.

Total control or trasparent man? All in the name of anti terrorism? Or just legalized spying on everyone and total loss of privacy?

One thing is for sure: You do better not take your personal data with you when you’re travelling nowadays. Sad but true…

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