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Facebook stock: a brief review…

Interesting to see, how Facebook has performed just four weeks later.
And it seems as if the stock won’t go any further up so far as it’s value is
at 28.75 US$ by now. Thus, the stock noted still below initial value.
Rough time for Mark Zuckerberg and his try to go for $100 billion value!

As by now, the economic situation is still very stressed and with the upcoming rumors, that Greece is about to exit the Euro currency union (as most investors have decided not to support Greeca and it’s very deficitary finance household) and Spain has extreme problems keeping their interest rates on country loans down.

The stock markets have responded accordingly and even the Euro is nearing the PAR border compared to the USD.

While the Euro is loosing massive amounts of value against the dollar, so does the Swiss Franc, which is also tied to the Euro value. A decision from the Swiss National Bank to stabilize the Euro markets but with the only effect that the Franc is also being drowned by the heavy weight of the Euro and it’s twirls of debt.

Most swiss people wished, the SNB wouldn’t have tied the Franc to the Euro as the SNB has now put 300 billion Francs to the rescue of the Euro by acquiring Euros for Francs.
They fear that they may not receive much pension later on.

Whatever comes, the situation is more dangerous than ever before and most economists fear, that a second recession may come across. The USA aren’t innocent either. Their rating agencies are puttig more oil to the fire by rating Europe down. But the USA have problems theirselves when checking on their debt balance, which is actually $15,9 trillion dollars at the moment.

It fears me to see how the economy is developing right now… and it’s questionnable what will happen at the end… maybe we’ll face 3rd world war? Everything seems possible. When it comes to money or ressources, mankind tends to figt and save one’s turf as best as possible…

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