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Circumhorizontal arc over Zurich

A natural phenomenon like this is very rare to see. But when it happens, it
is so spectacular that one, who never has seen anything like this, is so
amazed, that interesting pictures are taken. Showing you six pictures may
give you the idea what it is. I’ll explain a little further, when this happens.

A circumhorizontal arc will occur when clouds contain a certain amount of ice crystals and the sun beams are reflected in the correct angle. Usually this phenomenon is better viewed when being on exposed areas such as mountain arreats and the like.

But today it sems that the weather conditions just fit right. The result: Amazing and beautiful pictures that may bring up the question: Has a rainbow exploded in the sky?

But whatch these pictures and decide for yourself!

Amazing color cloud

Also looks great. Gheez… could stare at this for hours…

Beautiful, these pastel tones. You don’t see this often!

A tad smaller, yet interesting.

A Circumhorizontal arc in it’s full beauty…

Nope, this ain’t the new logo from Windows 8! ;-)

Hope you enjoyed this little picture show. And as always: All pictures are courtesy of their respective owners.

Credit also goes to:

20 MinutenRead full german article here

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