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And the law has spoken…

Nothing has been more spectacular in the past months than the lawsuit
against, being known as a site that allowed direct
download of actual movies and series without the need of a client such as
UseNext and the like has been closed. The imprisonment of the founder…

has been spoken yesterday. The verdict is clear and extreme for such a case. The founder will be put behind bars for 54 months for violation of copyright laws and the commercial spread of intellectual property.

Although I do not agree to copyright violation I am still a bit confused that the german law system is taking action so quickly confining someone for copyright infringement while murderers and other criminals are mostly running free for several years until they face juristic consequences.

Also the amount of months of imprisonment for this law violation is quite unusual. many criminals being accused for rape, murder and other severe criminal deeds get less months behind bars.

So the question, the american movie industry has to face, is: Are movies more in value than a human life? Dies the law put more effort in solving copyright inringements than in cases where humans are hurt or killed? And the most important question for many of us: How much money was put into the case to being solved that quickly?

The music and movie industry of America has been criticized several times in the last months for being very aggressive against free speech and the usage of copyrighted material and is using lots of law power to save their interests. This case now might strengthen the  prejudice against MPAA and RIAA being only interested to save their monetary aspects and puts money over human lives.

Sad but true: If “stealing” a movie will soon be fined with harder penalties than murder, the law system may get more and more criticized and will loose more and more respect…

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