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Venice, Tornado, impossible? Nope!

If you ever thought, Tornadoes are only for the American continent then guess
again. Today, Venice has been struck by a tornado which could be of F4 category
if you compare the size of it to common tornadoes. Detailed information is not
available yet. Currently it seems as if there are no killed people, fortunately.

However alone the fact that a tornado THIS big can now strike Europe as well, gives you an idea how our climate has changed over the past years. Have tornadoes been much rarer in the USA in the millennium years, the years 2010 and 2011 statistically have brought up a new record count of desastrous tornadoes.

The question is: When tornadoes like the one today in Venice are possible, how long will it take until inner-european countries are struck by tornadoes as well. Smaller wind funnels are already spotted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Regions where one would not have expect them 20 years ago.

While private homes in the USA are mostly built the light way (namely wood with some insulation and nothing more) and most likely subject to being blown away or at least destroyed to ground, tornadoes in Europe may only crush windows and roofs at most.

But to be honest: I wouldn’t want to get in touch with this big sucker anyways.

Watch the video here:

(video is courtesy of 20 Minuten online – see the article (german) )
20 Minuten

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