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WWDC 2012: No iPhone5 or AppleTV

Apple’s newest WWDC 2012 in San Francisco was most-expected so far.
People have expected a sneak peek on Apple’s newest gadgets. I speak of the
iPhone 5 and AppleTV. But none of the two gadgets have been mentionned.
And with this, it’s most unlikely that you will get these this year’s christmas!

The shares have been punished right away. Upon Closure of the NYSE, the stocks have noted 9 dollars per share lower than the day before. That’s 1.7% less value.

So the big question is now: When will AppleTV and the iPhone have their debute?

However the other news, namely iOS6 and the new MacBook Pro models with the retina display are somewhat awesome although the resolution is a bit odd. 2880×1800 is a sort of uncommon resolution for a computer display. And equipped with a GeForce 650M they seem to have enough 3D power to allow some gaming on these as well.

The new macBook Air models however have common displays as usual. only the newest intel Ivy Bridge processors are now available in them. Nothing much new here.

Maybe that’s the reason why the stocks have now received a down.

I, for now, will for sure have a sneak peek on the new macBook Pro 15″ as it seems to offer some heck of a display. And get this. The retina display with the same resolution is also available on the 13″ model.

So when you compare an iPhone 4 display to the 13″ display of the new macBook Pro, then the ppi are almost the same. At least near 300ppi!

Interesting to see that once again, Apple seems to set new heights concerning display resolution.

This year’s christmas will be hot anyways. My second favourite on the windows section is ASUS’ new Ultrabook, the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A-R4003V

Although, the ASUS Zenbook UX32VD with a matte IPS display has similar power and also comes with an Ivy bridge I7, it does not come as an unibody-based ultrabook. Thested by notebookcheck, this gives the keyboard some less stability than the first Zenbook models that come as unibody-based ultrabooks and give them a real elegant haptics.

But till christmas, there’s lots of time to pass by… and some new gadgets to come!

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