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PR gone wrong…

This year’s NDC (Norwegian Developer’s Conference) from Microsoft seems
to have been a bit weird and shameful for Microsoft. During a very odd dance
show where light-suited women have danced during a modifies Scooter song,
the words “Micro” and “Soft” have flashed on the teleprompters.

Nothing special, as you would say. Sure, I totally agree but when the following flashes are “This doesn’t apply to my” and “PENIS (or VAGINA)” then it can get to a desastrous PR gag for the company.

That’s why the NDC 2012 has been declared as sexist and personality-violating by some groups.

Later on, Microsoft has stated that they are sorry for what has been presented and it should not have been any insult against programmers or discrimination of the genders.

However Microsoft has now another tainted spot on it’s white vest. And you all know the quote: “If you once have done a mistake, it’ll follow you the rest of your life” – in this case it has again come true…

This is the video, for all those who want to know what it relates to:

P.S.: the questionable part comes up at 1:16!

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